Clarkstown police seized 11 firearms from home where cop shot gunman


Two of the 11 rifles and some of the ammo in Cordaro’s home

NEW CITY – Eleven weapons and lots of ammunition were recovered from the New City home of Vincent Cordaro, the man who barricaded himself there on February 9 and was shot and killed by a Clarkstown Police tactical team member.
Seven of the weapons were rifles and four were shotguns. Two firearms, a scoped 308 rifle and a shotgun, were recovered from the bedroom from where Cordaro was shooting.
At this point, a total of seven rifle casings were recovered from inside the home. Police said that means a minimum of seven rounds were fired by Cordaro during the standoff. They were all 308 caliber rounds shot from the 308 rifle found in the bedroom.
That officer, who police did not identify, is a 47-year-old who has been on the Clarkstown force for 16 years and has been a member of the tactical team for 10 years. He has an exemplary record with the department, officials said.
Police tried to talk Cordaro out of the house for hours after he threatened to shoot and kill relatives before they were able to escape. 

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