Clarkstown town offices have capacity to switch to generators during peak load events


NEW CITY – The Town of Clarkstown has installed large diesel generators at Town Hall and other facilities to assist the state by going off the electric grid at times of peak load events and incidents like Hurricane Sandy, when the facilities lost power.
Just being part of the state’s program, the town receives $40,000 per year and when in use, will be paid $250 per hour, said Town Supervisor Alexander Gromack.
“These are important because they will power up town hall when it went out so that we can still function. It will power up the police station, which during the storm went out and we had to rent emergency generators,” Gromack said. “We have four community centers so now we have the ability when they go out to keep the power, the heat, the lights on and make them reception centers so that when residents’ lights are out, residents can get out of the cold and get their cell phones powered out.”  
Carl Almeter, president of Demand Response Partners, the state’s demand response service provider, said the program “helps to maintain grid reliability by reducing load during peak demand times.” 

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