Gizmo is recovered, owner still at large and wanted for animal abuse


Police still looking
for Burke, but
Gizmo is now in
safe hands

POUGHKEEPSIE – Poughkeepsie City Police have recovered Gizmo, the dog that was videotaped being beating by its owner in Poughkeepsie last month.
Poughkeepsie officers found the dog in Brooklyn on Thursday and brought him back to Poughkeepsie. They said he appears to be in good health, but was being checked out by a veterinarian and sheltered at a local facility for the time being.
Police are still looking for Theophilus Burke, who is wanted on animal cruelty charges.  The dog’s owner, who was observed on videotape beating the dog in Pulaski Park in Poughkeepsie, remains at large. 
Anyone with information is asked to call Poughkeepsie City Police at 845-451-7577. 

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