Yonkers man hit $5 million Lottery win on Christmas Day


Kevin Buchanan receives a ceremonial $5 million check from
the Lottery’s Gretchen Dizer at the store where he bought
the scratch-off
ticket on Christmas Day.

YONKERS – When Kevin Buchanan of Yonkers bought a couple of Lottery tickets on Christmas Day and he scratched off the “Hit $5 Million” ticket, he first thought he won $500, then he thought it was $5,000, “and then I saw more zeros and almost fell out of my chair.”
Buchanan was introduced to the world on Wednesday at the store where he bought the ticket and was presented with the ceremonial giant $5 million check.  He will take home a little over $3.2 million in a lump sum payment after taxes.
As for his plans for the money, “I’m going to pay some bills and make some investments for the future,” he said. “I’m just going to live like I always did,” the construction trades worker said.

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