Valley View’s financial picture is improved


GOSHEN – Spending at Orange County’s Valley View nursing home in Goshen was down by more than $4 million last year while income rose by some $7 million and county lawmakers see that as excellent news.
Health and Mental Health Committee Chairman Michael Anagnostakis said those figures counter arguments that the facility is a money pit and should be privatized.
“The expenses keep going down and the revenues keep going up,” Anagnostakis. “We are going to get an audited report in the next two or three months and it is going to show the cost dramatically down from the year from the year before, which was dramatically down from the year before that. Before you know it, we will be profitable.”
County Executive Steven Neuhaus and his predecessor, Edward Diana, have maintained the nursing home should be sold to a private operator to save the county millions of dollars in subsidies. 

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