Councilwoman Lee announces run for Newburgh mayor


Lee: “… focused on economic

NEWBURGH – The race for the Democratic line for mayor in Newburgh this fall may be decided in a party primary election in September as Councilwoman Gay Lee announced on Wednesday that she is running for the city’s top job.
Current Mayor Judy Kennedy, also a Democrat, is going to seek reelection.

Lee, who is a licensed clinical social worker, said in the three years that she has been on the city council with Kennedy, there has only been “feel good legislation” adopted with lawmakers not addressing “the real meat” of the problems facing the city.
She has a primary focus, which she believes would turn the city around.
“I have always been focused on economic development,” Lee said. “That is the engine that will bring jobs and will help the residents in the city to maintain their homes, have dinner every day and take care of their families.”  
That will also reduce crime in the city, Lee said.
Kennedy believes her administration has moved the city forward.
“If you ask most people on the street, they will tell you there is a new feeling in the air and that people are hopeful of the city,” the mayor said.  “They are hopeful. There is hope in the air and I think that is straight contrast to where we were.”.
Economic development will also mean developing more housing, both affordable and low-income, she said.
Lee sees the role of the mayor to cultivate a vision for the city.
The councilwoman is not concerned about securing the Newburgh City Democratic Party’s endorsement, because she is expecting to take the party race to a primary and she believes she has the support of city residents and the resources to win. 

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