Schumer supports President’s free community college plan


WASHINGTON – President Obama’s proposal to offer free community college tuition to students at pubic two-year post-graduate institutions has the support of New York’s senior senator.
Democrat Charles Schumer said on Wednesday it would be good for New York, particularly upstate, where there is a skills gap.
“We have thousands and thousands of good paying jobs going unfulfilled and at the same time, we have lots of unemployed workers and community colleges are often the bridge that provide programs that can provide these folks with the skills they need to get a good job,” Schumer said. “In New York City, I would say it’s a sign of progress. A college education is so important, to young people’s future and if they deserve to go to college, financing should not be a barrier.”
The President is expected to provide details of his plan during his state of the union address next week.  

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