Acting police chief named in City of Newburgh


NEWBURGH – Lt. Daniel Cameron has been
named acting police chief by Newburgh City Manager Michael Ciaravino following
the retirement of Chief Michael Ferrara.
Cameron is an 18-year veteran of the city police force and currently supervises the investigation services of the department.
His goals include continuing the downward trend of crime – it declined by 13 percent last year.
“In doing that we also want to be more transparent and involve a lot more community policing than what we do,” Cameron said.  “When we are short staffed and a lot of crime, we tend to concentrate on the crime, but we are realizing that it is affecting our community policing and our connection with the community, so in 2015 we are working on some things that will get us better connected with the community that we serve.”
Cameron has already applied for the chief’s post on a permanent basis and the city will accept applications through next month.
The permanent chief must be filled from within a list of the top scorers on a civil service test, but no test has been administered in years and it is unclear as to when one would be scheduled.

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