Millions remain in comptroller’s unclaimed funds account


ALBANY – Take a minute and call 1-800-221-9311 or look on the state comptroller’s website unclaimed funds category. There may be money with your name on it waiting to be claimed.
Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said the money could come from a number of sources and amounts to millions of dollars.
“When you look at places like Orange County, $39 million; Rockland County, $43 million; Westchester, $229 million; we have close to $13 billion in unclaimed funds now and we are trying to return that money to New Yorkers,” DiNapoli said. “Check out our website, do the search engine for New York State comptroller and k at unclaimed funds.”
The money in question could come from old bank accounts, uncashed insurance checks, life insurance claims and old stock accounts. 

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