Neuhaus vetoes asset forfeiture law


GOSHEN – Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus vetoed the county’s asset forfeiture law that was approved by the county legislature.
That measure would have allowed the seizure of property in misdemeanor arrest cases,
“The legislation’s concept to punish criminals who threaten public safety is something I am supportive of; still the measure’s final result leaves open the possibility of affecting innocent individuals,” Neuhaus said on Friday.  “Moreover, the fact that revenue would largely go toward growing the size of government, rather than exclusively preventing future criminal activity, is troubling to many.”
District Attorney David Hoovler, who proposed the measure, said he will “continue to pursue every opportunity to provide our law enforcement with additional tools to combat public safety issues that put our communities at risk.”
Sheriff Carl DuBois said his office support’s Neuhaus’ veto “given the concerns about the law’s implementation.” 

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