5 ways New York Welcomes New Year

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After the excitement of Christmas wanes down, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and New York knows how to make the most of it! 


A fairytale winter wonderland, with snowfall and the vibrant Times Square, New Yorkers tend to celebrate the last day of the year fully. With fireworks adorning its skies, and cocktail parties running into the dark hours of the night, to cruises that you can take along the Hudson River, New Year’s Eve in New York is a day you never forget. 


This article takes you through 5 fun ways New York welcomes the New Year.

1. Times Square Ball Drop

The iconic Times Square Ball Drop has been a New York tradition for years. This event happens at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue and is centered around a giant crystal ball that makes a glittery descent among all the watchers.


This Ball Drop is made even more entertaining by the availability of food stalls, live music that you can dance to, and the general enchantment of it all. Keeping an eye out for celebrities is sure to help you spot some of the big names as they make their way to be a part of this tradition as well. 


2. Dinner Cruise

The Dinner Cruise is a three-hour cruise that takes you along the Hudson and East Rivers. With an open bar, a wide range of food on its delicious menu, and live music, this isn’t just a simple cruise. It’s an entire experience. New Yorkers love a good cruise as they enter the New Year.


The cruise is made even more enchanting as you are able to witness fireworks at midnight from your windows, or from the deck. In case the fireworks are canceled due to weather, you can always admire the city’s glittering skyline instead. As you look for packages to choose to find the best one for you, check out these sportsbooks for a list of the top ranking sports betting sites on the web. 


3. Observation Decks

Observation decks are easily the best places to hit, and New York has some of the most instagrammable spots available. The Edge is one of the fan favorites, along with Summit One Vanderbilt.


Anyone visiting can let themselves be harnessed over the edge of the deck and observe the city from there. It is an exhilarating experience and the best way to spend New Year’s for those who love adventure and want to incorporate it as they go into the New Year.


4. Fireworks

Getting a cup of hot chocolate to beat the biting New York cold and bundling up in warm layers to witness New Year’s Eve fireworks is one of the best ways to enjoy the evening. Fireworks occur at Prospect Park, New York Harbour, and Central Park, and New Yorkers flock to the closest location to see the sky come to life.


Some of these locations also make the experience even more fun with live music and snacks being handed out or sold all around. The fireworks are also an important New Year tradition, with country’s having a bigger display each year. New York’s own display is well known for its beauty and grandeur.


There’s nothing better than watching fireworks with a loved one as you celebrate another year of life, so this isn’t something anyone in New York should miss out on. 


5. Music

For a City that Never Sleeps, New York is most alive on New Year’s Eve. The city is filled with live music, from local bands playing in parks and gardens to international sensations having full-blown concerts in areas like Madison Square. You can find a wide range of music too, from jazz to hip hop to metal, the city promises a little something for everyone.


For anyone looking to make the most of this night, and loves music, New York doesn’t disappoint. After a few hours of bar-hopping, or enjoying a good cocktail party, anyone can hit up the nearest place with music and dance the entire night away.