Neuhaus weighs in on Central Hudson billing debacle

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GOSHEN – Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus has his own idea on how to solve the massive overbilling for utility usage by Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation.

The State Public Service Commission, last week, issued a scathing report on the debacle.

Neuhaus said the solution is easy.

“I think the best resolution is to do actual, realistic billing instead of the estimated. That would answer the questions right there,” he told Mid-Hudson News. “So, instead of doing the estimated billing which they have been doing and that’s really what’s opened the door for the scrutiny and people saying, ‘you’re estimating me at this, but I could never even generate this much usage in my household.’ If they had actual real usage and make people pay for what they are using, I think that would solve most of the problems.”

The company serves the eastern portion of the county as well as most or all of Dutchess, Ulster and Greene counties.