Orange County grand jury indicts Newburgh murder suspect arrested in North Carolina

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Police at the murder scene on September 29 (photo: Bob McCormick)

NEWBURGH – An Orange County grand jury has indicted Lamont Williams on a murder charge, in connection with the shooting death in September of Daquan Corbett of Newburgh.

Williams was arrested in North Carolina and is awaiting extradition back to New York.

Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said cracking the case was a collaborative effort.

“The City of Newburgh Police did a nice job of working on the case along with the District Attorney’s Office. We obtained an indictment and the assigned assistant DA on the case spent a lot of time putting together a case and making sure we were able to get a homicide indictment, and hopefully we bring the individual back and we get justice for the victim’s family and for the victim,” said Hoovler.

Collaboration between the police and community helped track down Williams in North Carolina, Police Commissioner Jose Gomerez said on Tuesday.

That, coupled with teamwork, led law enforcement to a mobile home where they found Williams hiding in a closet, he said.

Williams is wanted for the September 29 murder of 29-year-old Daquan Corbett of Newburgh near Washington and Clark streets.

During the shooting incident, a five-year-old boy was also shot and sustained non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Assisting in the investigation were the US Marshals Service Regional Task Force, New York State Police, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office.

Williams will be extradited back to New York to face the murder charge.