Bullets continue to fly in Poughkeepsie

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File photo. Copyright Mid-Hudson News

POUGHKEEPSIE – City Police in Poughkeepsie are investigating the three latest incidents of shots being fired.

Police responded to a report of “shots fired” on Sunday morning in the area of 83 Lent Street.  No victims were located.  Multiple shell casings were recovered at the scene and officers discovered that a house at 156 Winnikee had been struck by bullets.  Several vehicles were also struck by bullets.

On Monday evening, a 40-year-old man was shot in the vicinity of 364 Mansion Street.  He sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

On Wednesday morning, City 911 dispatchers received multiple calls reporting “shots fired” on Winnikee Avenue.  Responding officers found several shell casings that appear to have come from the area of 63 Lent Street.  No injuries were reported.

Police are continuing to investigate the recent gunfire incidents and are asking anyone with information to call the confidential TIP LINE at 845-451-7577.