Maloney concedes defeat to Lawler

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney concedes defeat the morning after the election

WASHINGTON – Democrat Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney has conceded defeat to Republican Michael Lawler.

Maloney chose to run in the new 17th Congressional District.

He said he called Lawler congratulating him for his win and also spoke with President Biden, pledging his support.

“I don’t think the American people have given up on democracy and I think with all the headwinds and all the damage from the pandemic and the Trump years, there is still a beating heart to American Democracy. I think you saw it last night. They’re not giving up on people with common sense and good values,” he said late Wednesday morning from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters in Washington. “And by the way, we don’t have a monopoly on that. We’re not perfect. There are many good Republicans and Independents out there.”

Maloney praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling her “a remarkable and historic figure in American politics.”

Maloney served for 10 years in the House. He previously held a high-level position in the Bill Clinton White House when he was president.

“This entire country is at a crossroads, and we are its vanguard,” Lawler said. “The nation is in desperate need of leadership, and we’re going to provide it. We’re going to restore balance and common sense in Washington to lower the cost of living and make our communities safe, and we’re going to do it together.”