Land Trust’s ‘Save Sugar Loaf Mountain’ project underway

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MOUNTAINVILLE – The Orange County Land Trust’s efforts to purchase over 300 acres of land on Sugar Loaf Mountain are underway, having signed an option agreement to by the land from the owners in June of this year.

The land trust is currently finishing the risk assessment phase of the due diligence period and securing sources of financing.

To help raise awareness and build community support for the project, the land trust has placed “Save the Mountain” yard signs in the area.

The land trust is on track to acquire the property by May 2023 as per the signed option agreement.

After about two to four years of acquiring the property, the land trust intends to transfer the land to the State Parks Department as an addition to Goosepond Mountain State Park.

At present, the land remains privately owned and access to the land is prohibited.

For more information on the Orange County Land Trust, visit .