First female firefighter hired by fire district

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TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE – The Fairview Fire District Board of Commissioners authorized the hiring of four new firefighters, including a woman.  The vote to hire the four took place on Tuesday evening.

The board authorized Chief Tim Gilnack to hire Laura DiFrenza Luby, the first female firefighter to be hired by the Fairview Fire District.

Additionally, the district hired Tyler Mendelson, a battle-tested Marine Corps veteran and award-winning film producer, Michael Valentino, and Jaiden Barnhart.

All four will start their employment with the district on July 25.

President of the Board of Commissioners, Andrew Calamari said, “We are excited to hire these four qualified candidates and we feel they will make great additions to a team of dedicated career firefighters.”

The new hires are tentatively scheduled to begin the fire training academy on August 1, 2022.