The best things to do in the Mid Hudson Valley

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Communicated Content – The Mid Hudson Valley is a beautiful place to visit, and there are plenty of activities to keep tourists busy.

The area is steeped in history, and there are many historical sites to visit. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Mid Hudson Valley offers hiking, biking, and camping. There are also many wineries and breweries in the area, and the food is not to be missed.

The Mid Hudson Valley is located just a few hours from New York City, and it is an easy place to get to. Indeed, whilst the Big Apple has always been a popular tourist destination, the New York gambling laws will only likely help to generate further tourism to the area.

Therefore, whether you are looking for history, nature, or just a good time, the Mid Hudson Valley has something for everyone.


Things to do in the Mid Hudson Valley

Here are some ideas for things to do in the Mid Hudson Valley:

  • Visit one of the many wineries or breweries in the area. The region is home to many different types of wine and beer, so there is sure to be something that everyone will enjoy. There are also tours available at many of the wineries and breweries, so visitors can learn more about the process of making these drinks.
  • Take a hike through one of the many parks in the region. The Mid Hudson Valley is home to several state parks, as well as Catskill Park. There are trails available for all levels of hikers, so everyone can enjoy the scenery.
  • Visit a farmers market. The area is home to many different types of farms, so there are bound to be some great markets selling fresh produce and other local goods, therefore giving visitors a taste of the area.
  • Explore one of the many historical sites in the region. The Mid Hudson Valley has a long and rich history, dating back to the American Revolution. There are many different historical sites to visit, including battlefields, museums, and homes of famous people from the past.
  • Check out a museum. There are several museums available to visit within the area, including the Storm King Art Center and the FDR Presidential Library and Museum. This means there is bound to be something that interests everyone at one of these museums, with each of them able to provide some history about the local area.
  • Take a scenic drive. There are plenty of beautiful roads to explore in the Mid Hudson Valley. Visitors can take in the sights while driving through the region and going at a pace that suits them.
  • Explore one of the many towns in the region. Each town in the Valley has its own unique charm. Visitors can explore the shops, restaurants, and other attractions that each town has to offer.



These are just a few ideas for things to do in the Mid Hudson Valley. There is truly something for everyone in this beautiful region and it is easy to see why it is such a popular tourist destination.