USDA provides $50,000 for upstate farm


WASHINGTON – The Hudson Valley Fish Farm in Hudson has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the USDA Rural Development program.

The farm uses a recirculating aquaculture system to raise steelhead trout on its land-based, commercial-scale facility.

  Company President John Ng said the grant comes “at a key moment during this pandemic and helped us not only save but create jobs. The products this grant funded was not just a success but was a clear signal that consumers truly desire more high-quality food grown locally and conscientiously.”

  The fish farm was the first fin-fish producers certified as New York State Grown & Certified in 2019, Todd Erling, executive director of the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation, said the funding “will put them in good position to grow further and create new jobs.”

  Congressman Antonio Delgado announced the grant.

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