Overfilled dryer ignites clothes at college

Fairview FD ladder truck at Marist dorm.

TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE – A fire in a dryer at Marist College brought the Fairview and Poughkeepsie fire departments to the campus on Sunday.  Firefighters were able to contain the fire inside of the unit.


Students in the laundry room of one of the dormitories opened the door of a dryer, saw flames, and closed the dryer.  The fire alarm was activated shortly after 4 p.m.  Firefighters responded to prevent the fire from spreading.


Fairview first responders completely extinguished the fire in the dryer and then prepared to remove the appliance from the building.  Additional firefighters inspected the vent pipes to confirm that the fire had not spread beyond the confines of the well-dried clothing in the machine.


While Poughkeepsie and Fairview were operating at the dryer fire, the Roosevelt Fire Department, covering for Fairview, responded to an automatic fire alarm on the Marist campus.  The call was unfounded, according to fire officials.

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