6 Tips To Help You Pass The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

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Communicated Content – Preparing for a Mechanical Comprehension Test can be a very daunting task. It can, however, be made easy by strategically planning and using resources at your disposal to ensure you get a good score. This type of test is usually employed where there is a need to fill technical and engineering job positions and it gauges the ability to understand and apply mechanical principles and concepts to solve the given problems.


Here are 6 tips on how to ace your BMC test.

1. Know What to Expect

The first and foremost thing you need to do is find out exactly what you need to prepare in order to get a good score. This entails knowing what to expect on the BMC test. You can easily find out by looking up all the topics that the test includes. Furthermore, you should also know the number of questions the test will ask and the time allotted to answer them. Mechanical Comprehension Tests typically give you around 30 seconds to answer each question, this is why it is designed in a way that only 1-5% of the people solve them correctly in the given time. The level of difficulty also varies with the position you are applying for, so be sure to prepare accordingly.

2. Choose the Best Resource for Test Questions

Since there is a lot of preparation material available for the BMCT, it is even harder to know where you should prepare from. A good idea would be to choose online practice guides that have a good reputation for aptitude test preparation. That is why you should choose preparation platforms that offer free BMCT test practice questions, in order to familiarize yourself with how the test is conducted. Having good resources for preparing for the BMCT will solve a huge problem, as it will direct you exactly to the topics that you need to prepare in-depth, give you the correct answers to the questions as well as explanations to the answers. This will help you prepare holistically for your test.

3. Read all Questions Thoroughly

Another aspect of scoring well on any test, especially the BMCT, is to read the questions thoroughly. When you do so, you not only understand properly what is asked of you in the question, but you also save time in not having to read the questions again and again. The complexity of the test urges you to read questions carefully, knowing what exactly the answer it demands.

4. Practice as Much as you Can

It is a given that practice makes perfect. So, in order to get the score, you aim to achieve, you need to practice a lot of questions. There is a plethora of test material available for preparation that you can use in order to practice before giving the actual test. A good idea would be to practice with the time constraints in mind, checking the score you get and the time it takes you to attempt the questions. Once you do this, it will help you realize where you stand, so you can take steps to further improve your score.


5. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Of all these tips, the most important would perhaps be to manage your time effectively. Mechanical Comprehension Tests all check your ability to answer questions in a very short timeframe. A typical BMCT will require you to answer 55 questions in about 25 minutes, which pertains to 30 seconds to answer each question. In such a case, you need to efficiently manage your time, answering each question in the given time, and skipping where a question is taking an excessive amount of your time to solve. This way, you need to plan intelligently, in order to attempt the maximum number of questions correctly.

6. Have a Deep Understanding of the Laws of Physics

To ace the BMCT, you should be very well-versed in the concepts and the Laws of Physics. Doing so will ensure that you are able to link the concepts learned with the test material, so in case you do get stuck, you can lean on your concepts to guide you to the right answer. When preparing for the test, make sure you are clear on the concepts of force, movement, velocity, and fluid mechanics in order to score well on the test.


How well you perform on the Mechanical Comprehension Test will be used to gauge how well you are able to learn mechanical skills for your job. Employers, therefore, assign a lot of importance to your BMCT score. Following these 6 tips will help you in getting a great score on the test.