Orange County orders 50,000 COVID test kits for schools


GOSHEN – With COVID-19 on the rise again and schools about to reopen next week, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus is getting prepared to protect children returning to the classroom.

The state has contributed some 30,000 test kits for schools and Neuhaus has ordered thousands more.


“That allocation of 50,000 test kits is now being directed to the schools, not coming to the county, in anticipation of Monday return to school week, which is going to put into effect the test-to-stay,” he said. “I declared a state of emergency and under that authority I ordered 50,000 test kits ourselves.”


Most of those will go to the schools, but Neuhaus has ordered some to be distributed to first responders and hospitals.

In the last two days, Orange County has seen a total of 8,262 new COVID cases.

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