DA keeping an eye on NFA student violence

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Recent incident of stdudent fighting at NFA

NEWBURGH – Police in the City and Town of Newburgh and the Town of Windsor are continuing their investigations into the recent incidents of violence among students at the Main campus of Newburgh Free Academy in the City of Newburgh. Some have been captured on video.

Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler is watching how the investigations play out.

“We are working with the police department on those issues and they are working with the school district, and if and when they develop enough probable cause to make an arrest in those cases. We will do what we can to prosecute them,” he said. “But if the offenders are juveniles or adolescence offenders, essentially 15-, 16-, 17-year-old kids, the majority of those cases are going to family court, so there will be little if any ramifications for their conduct.”