Beacon counsel says city has no authority to approve good cause eviction law

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BEACON – Several communities in the Hudson Valley are considering the adoption of good cause eviction legislation to prevent renters from being kicked out of their apartments without just cause.

The City of Beacon has been asked by community activists to adopt such a law, but Mayor Lee Kyriacou said the city attorney doesn’t think it is legal.

“Our attorney put out an opinion saying that the city doesn’t have the authority to do so. That created significant disagreement because a number of people come and express concern about tenants and evictions,” he said. “Even though there is a state law regarding retaliatory evictions and other things, the state hasn’t done everything the people would want so we put in a request to the New York State Attorney General for an opinion and we are waiting for that.”

The Beacon legal opinion came after the city attorney reviewed the good cause eviction legislation from the City of Albany.