Alligator captured in Hopewell Junction

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HOPEWELL JUNCTION – NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) captured a 50-pound

The Hopewell alligator

alligator on the grounds of Van Wyck Junior High School on Tuesday, September 14, at approximately 1:19 a.m.

The East Fishkill Police Department called DEC Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Eyler reporting a four- to five-foot alligator roaming around the Van Wyck Junior High School.

A next-door neighbor, who just happened to look out her living room window, saw the 50-pound animal scurrying from a culvert and into the parking lot of the nearby school and immediately called 911.

ECO Eyler arrived on the scene and safely subdued the animal to transport it to an area animal rehabilitation specialist for evaluation.