Town cops working to reduce burglaries

Mid-Hudson News file photo

TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE – Town police have launched an initiative to encourage residents to reduce property crimes, such as car burglaries.  The “9:00 p.m. Routine” campaign went live on the police department’s Facebook page last week.

“We have joined law enforcement agencies throughout the USA that use this daily reminder as a public service message to our community in an effort to reduce property crimes.  The premise is to remind our residents to secure their vehicles and houses before they go to bed each night,” said Town of Poughkeepsie Police Lieutenant Shannon Rodriguez.

The lieutenant cited statistics that validated the new program.  A Guide to the 9PM Routine – Neighbors Public Safety Service Help Center ( ), the 9: 00 PM Routine was created by a Sheriff’s Office in Florida to help reduce preventable crimes.  Typical 9PM Routine social media posts will have reminders about removing valuables from vehicles, locking car doors, locking house doors, and turning off outside lights.  Rodriguez called the initiative “A simple routine that can help secure belongings from theft,” adding  “Our hope is that a quick reminder at night might prevent a resident from finding their car broken into when they go out in the morning.”

The veteran cop explained the department’s commitment to the plan, saying “We have found that the majority of vehicles broken into are left unlocked.  So it stands to reason that the simple act of making sure your car door is locked can prevent the opportunity for someone to get into your vehicle and steal your belongings.  We’re hoping to get the message out and see the number of larcenies in the Town of Poughkeepsie decrease.”

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