Troy man pleads guilty to Greene County armed robbery

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CATSKILL – A Troy man has entered a guilty plea to the violent felony of robbery in connection with a September 2, 2020, armed robbery of the Sunoco Xtra-Mart station on Route 9W in the Town of New Baltimore.

It is alleged that Lance Treadwell, 48, held what appeared to be a pistol to the head of the store clerk, Michael Dedrick, and threatened to kill him if he did not hand over the money in the cash register and open the store safe.

Treadwell took the cash from the register, about $100, and then the clerk opened the safe which contained another $300.

Treadwell took the cash from both locations as well as dozens of packs of cigarettes before fleeing.

Police received information from area residents which helped identify Treadwell.

A manhunt ensured and a search warrant for his cell phone information was obtained by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. The phone was monitored until Treadwell turned it on, which generated a ping in an Albany apartment. When police arrived, he threatened to shoot any officer who entered. After a standoff of several hours, police stormed the apartment and found Treadwell unconscious due to a drug overdose. 

He was revived and arrested.

Prior to being captured, and after the New Baltimore robbery, Treadwell made his way to Schenectady County where he committed a second robbery of a convenience store. Charges are pending there.

At the time of the Greene County robbery, Treadwell was on parole for having been convicted of a robbery in February 16, 2016 in Albany County.