Officer attacked, injured at Fishkill Correctional Facility

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FISHKILL – An officer needed treatment at a local urgent care center after an inmate suddenly attacked and punched him several times in the face at the medium-security Fishkill Correctional Facility on Sunday, the New York State Corrections Offices and PBA reported Wednesday.

The attack occurred inside one of the dormitories.

The officer had just ordered the inmate to pack up his personal items from his living quarters so he could be moved to another dorm.

Initially, the inmate followed the officer’s orders, but then turned around and punched the officer twice in the face. The officer called for assistance. A sergeant responded and the two officers used body holds and forced the inmate to the ground. Once on the floor, the inmate became compliant and handcuffs were applied.

The inmate is serving a three-year sentence after being convicted in Erie County of attempted rape in 2014. He was returned to prison in 2019 for violating parole.

The officer was taken to an urgent care facility or treatment of a swollen lip, loose tooth, and abrasions to his arm and neck.

Regional NYSCOPBA Vice President Chris Moreau said Dutchess County District Attorney should “send a strong message to any inmate who chooses to attack staff that they will be held criminally responsible and be prosecuted for their actions.”

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