Investigation and interim remedial measure to begin at state Superfund site in Kingston


KINGSTON – Initial environmental investigation into the two-acre 65 Albany Avenue site of a former drycleaner will begin soon on the property that has been designated a State Supreme Fund site, the State Department of Environmental Conservation announced on Wednesday.

MMJD Equities, LLC, is the remedial party.

The site is listed as a Class “P” site where preliminary information indicates it may have contamination that makes it eligible for consideration for placement on the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal sites, commonly referred to as Superfund Sites.

The investigation will define the nature and extent of contamination in groundwater, soil, and soil vapor.

Past investigations in the area have determined that chlorinated solvent contamination exists at the site. Tetrachloroethene (TCE) and its byproducts are present in the site’s subsurface. TCE is a contaminant often associated with dry cleaning operations and in the manufacture of metal parts.

The initial investigation will include collecting soil vapor, sub-slab soil vapor and indoor air samples; installing and sampling ground water wells; installing and testing vapor extraction wells; should the occupied on-site structure require soil vapor intrusion mitigation, installation of a sub-slab depressurization system or vapor mitigation system as an interim remedial measure.

The site is currently developed with a single structure that is half one-story and half two-stories.

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