Poughkeepsie PD impounds off-road bikes

Impounded dirt bikes

POUGHKEEPSIE – City Police Poughkeepsie impounded seven off-road bikes and scooters last Thursday as part of a citywide crackdown on illegal vehicles.  The four-hour sweep followed an announcement by Mayor Rob Rolison that a new law being proposed will provide additional enforcement tools for the police to reduce the number of nuisance vehicles.

“The police have received numerous complaints of scooters and off-road vehicles being operated on sidewalks, streets, and our parks,” said Police Captain Rich Wilson.  “This was the first of many planned, unannounced, focused operations that will be initiated by the department.”

The seized bikes can be retrieved from the police impound when the owner pays a $200 fee.  The new law makes it more challenging for offenders by increasing the impound fee, adding a fine, and operators could face 15 days in jail.  The proposal calls for the titled owner to show proof of ownership and pay a $2,000 redemption fee before getting the vehicle back. If the owner fails to pay the redemption fee, the vehicle will be destroyed.

“The police department supports the new law because it will strengthen our ability to apprehend the operators, which will reduce the number of complaints we receive,” said Wilson, who noted that the officers have been apprehensive about chasing the riders due to the potential for a “catastrophic event” such as an accident.  The department is investigating ways to seize the vehicles when they are parked in an effort to avoid a pursuit.

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