SUNY college students must be vaccinated before returning to campus in fall

SUNY Purchase

ALBANY -All students attending State University of New York colleges who plan on returning to campus for in-person classes, must be vaccinated for COVID-19.

In an effort to boost vaccinations, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Monday, urged those students to get their shots now.

“You must have a vaccine to come back in September. If you must have a vaccine, get it now if you have to get it anyway,” he said. “I also encourage private schools to do the same thing. Let’s make a global statement: you cannot go back to school in person in September unless you have a vaccine. That would be a major motivation to get the vaccine, and if you have to get it by September, you may as well get it now. Why wouldn’t you get it now.”

This also applies to City University of New York colleges.

The governor also announced that shots will be administered at the Metro-North train station in Ossining and anyone who gets them there will receive a free Metro-North ticket.

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