Putnam SPCA seeks info on neglected dog

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KENT – The Putnam County SPCA is seeking information about the owners of an older, neutered, mini-poodle mixed breed dog found wandering on Chief Nimham Road in the Town of Kent.

The dog was in such poor condition that a criminal investigation has been launched. “This is one of the worst cases of matting that we have encountered,” said SPCA Chief Ken Ross.

A good Samaritan out for a walk Monday evening contacted the Kent dog control officer about a loose dog limping down the road. The officer retrieved the dog, which was in a severe state of neglect, and contacted the SPCA Law Enforcement Division.

The dog was brought to the Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster for emergency care, where the veterinarian found the dog to be extremely emaciated with its fur severely matted. The dog suffered malnutrition, dehydration and its teeth had severe dental disease.

The hair was so matted the dog could not see through it and the skin under the matting was raw and inflamed. The dog’s ears were also infected.

Because of the severely neglected shape of the dog, the law enforcement division has opened a criminal investigation and is asking anyone with information about the dog to contact the SPCA on the 24-hour number at 845-520-6915. Calls will remain anonymous.