Candidate seeks to continue family tradition of service

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TOWN OF LLOYD – Republican Gina Hansut has announced she is seeking election to the Ulster County Legislature for the 10th District.  This district includes the Town of Lloyd and a portion of Milton.  The seat is currently held by Mary Beth Maio who is not seeking reelection.  Hansut will also seek the Conservative Party nomination in her bid.

The 58-year-old Hansut is a lifelong resident of the Town of Lloyd.  Although she has never sought office, she is familiar with local and county governments. Hansut learned much from her father, Daniel Alfonso, who held the legislative seat from 1994-2000. “He taught me that it is an honor and privilege to serve the public.  He also said that you can never take it (the duty) lightly, listen to the people that get you elected, to those who didn’t, and always do your homework.”

When Danny Alfonso passed away, his wife, Gina’s mother, Elizabeth Alfonso finished his term and was elected to the seat on two more occasions.  After the terms of Mrs. Alfonso, Gina’s husband Paul Hansut was elected to the District 10 seat twice and was the majority leader of the body.

Gina Hansut

Gina Hansut attended Dutchess Community College and had a long career in dietetics at St. Francis Hospital before changing careers. She has spent the last 17 years as a teaching assistant in special education in the Marlboro Central School District. The couple has two grown children and two grandsons.  

Gina has deep roots in her community and has volunteered for various organizations.  They include the Town of Lloyd Events Committee, St. Augustine Parish and Bazaar, Highland PTA, Highland Village Nursery School, Highland Little League, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, HOAM (Hope on a Mission), American Heart Association, and the Town of Lloyd Republican Committee.