Cricket Valley neighbors file amended lawsuit in opposition

Artist rendering of the Cricket Valley power plant.

DOVER – Lawyers for three neighbors of the Cricket Valley gas-powered electric generating plant in Dover have filed an amended lawsuit calling for the facility to be shut down.

Attorneys Josh Douglass and Michael Sussman have updated their suit, originally filed in March and never responded to by the Cricket Valley owners. Then COVID-19 hit, shutting down the court system.

Attorney Douglass said new evidence has surfaced prompting the updated suit.

“There is a Harvard study that came out just recently over the last few months that says that if you live in areas of poor air quality, you are more likely to die from COVID if you get it because you are breathing in stuff that is bad for your immune system, it is bad for your body, it is bad for your health, and if you get COVID while you are living in an area of bad air quality, you are kind of screwed,” he said.

“Americans have learned to sacrifice for the sake of public health,” said Attorney Sussman. “We have to live within our planet’s means. This means stopping destructive processes before they do more harm. By seeking to enjoin the unneeded Cricket Valley Energy Center [it sounds like a gym] from emitting highly toxic chemicals, including known carcinogens, we hope to protect our clients and others who ae similarly situated. That some have invested in harmful technology and now seek to justify continued operation through their need to recoup investment, we respond, the gig is up and your fraudulent misrepresentations should come back to haunt each of you.”

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