Letter to the Editor: Dems in Albany responsible for murder and mayhem

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Dear Editor,

Murder and mayhem. That is what the past two years of Democrat one-party rule in Albany have produced. They codified late-term abortion/infanticide. They eliminated bail, thus allowing dangerous criminals to be released back into the general population. They allowed illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

In addition, the lengthy COVID19 shutdown has eviscerated small businesses and cost the lives of numerous elderly New Yorkers who were confined to nursing homes with infected patients by executive order of Gov. Cuomo.

These inequities will not be reversed by electing another Democrat who will go to Albany and meld in with the prevailing cabal. New York will remain stuck with a hubristic regime devoid of a moral compass.

More Republicans and Conservatives – who will think differently about these things –  are needed in the state legislature to bring sanity back into New York governance. Thus it is imperative to elect Rex Bridges to the state assembly and to re-elect Sue Serino to the state senate.

Linda Cebrian

The opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.