Assembly GOP explores issues in Orange County

Barclay on left with Schmitt 2nd from right.

WOODBURY – State Assembly Republican Minority Leader Will Barclay (R, Fulton) spent Tuesday touring Orange County with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt learning about the issues facing the region.

Economic development and its impact on Schmitt’s district were among the topics discussed.

On the state level, Barclay said New York is facing serious financial problems.

“Obviously before COVID hit the state was facing a $7 billion shortfall. As a result, we are up to a $13- or $14-billion shortfall. If we don’t get a federal bill out, we are going to be facing some very tough budgetary questions going forward. That is one reason why we feel the legislature should be back involved and not just have the governor make the decisions unilaterally,” Barclay said.

The hope is whatever new supplemental aid package comes out of Washington, that it includes funds for states and individual residents.

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