How to Honor Your Pet

horsewoman and her black stallion laid down on the beach

Who does not love a favorite picture of a favorite pet? The answer is probably everyone! Pet’s are literally like part of the family, and they do not say man’s best friend when it comes to dogs for no reason. Imagine, if you could take a photo of your dog and have a professional and high quality beautiful painting done. Well you can totally do that and pick an artist and get your pet’s portrait painted and or a favorite picture. Paint your life and or have your pet portrait painted. 

Think about having a real life painting of your pet to hang in the house, or perhaps put on your desk. Really anywhere is a good place to put the painting for that matter. It is so cool, and what an incredible way to honor your pet and or pets as you can have more than one in a painting. Pet portraits are so easily accessible and reasonably priced. It is possible to quite literally spend thousands and thousands of dollars to commission an artist to paint such a thing. With the help of; “paint your life” it has become super reasonable in cost at the same high quality one would pay to commission a private artist. The most fantastic part about all this you are actually getting a private artist to paint the portrait. 

The choice’s are all yours as this is and will become a custom piece of original artwork. Consider the attractive aspect of hanging a hand painted painting of your pet in your home. Additionally it is a heck of a neat and wonderful way to honor your animals. Even honoring your family is an option, if you have a photo painted including your beloved pets. And they just look so great that your family and friends will be thrilled to see a portrait painting, and maybe even jealous. They will want a portrait of their pet painted as well. 

People honor their pets in all sorts of ways, these days. For example letting your pet sleep in the bed with you, basically treating it like a baby. Because they are your baby and responsibility to take the best possible care given possible. Perhaps taking them for a drive to your local Starbucks for a treat or a pupachino. Buy them a nice warm sweater for the winter months so they are not cold when they go out. They also sell little matching booties for their feet. Going to the park so they can play with others. 

The holidays are coming soon. Christmas stockings embroidered with your pet’s name on it and loaded up with toys and more treats. Give your pet a wrapped present so they can play and try and open it. Dogs for example love to go shopping at places like; pet smart as there are other dogs to socialize with and lots of things to scope out. Pet smart also has a pet hotel, with televisions playing animal planet in their rooms. They get play time and ice cream treats and are spoiled. Honoring your pet with their own little vacation, while you’re on vacation, is a good thing. Playing with your pet and doing things like playing catch keeps them feeling loved. Road trips are always a fun way to honor your pet. Throw your pet a birthday party with a pet cake and candles. 

Taking lots of pictures is one of the best and memorable ways to honor your pet. And share the memories with everyone. It gives you lots of options to choose from when deciding to have a portrait painted. Which is a permanent and beautiful addition to the home and your life. 

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