Orange County targets New York City corporate headquarters


GOSHEN – Orange County wants to take advantage of current conditions by targeting New York City corporate headquarters urging them to relocate to the Hudson Valley county.

There are several potential sites available, in particular, the 258-acre former Camp LaGuardia property in Blooming Grove and Chester.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus said the county will launch its “Escape from New York” advertising campaign, starting with a Wall Street Journal.

“To target corporate headquarters that are in New York City that are tired of the last seven months of chaos down there, not only COVID, but the self-induced issues like the out-of-control crime, looting, shootings, you name it. The quality of life has plummeted over the last six months,” he said.

The Orange County Industrial Development Agency has allocated $25,000 toward an ad. The county is setting aside $74,000 for potential metro-region advertising.

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