Rockland County company tests COVID-19 surface wipes

ORANGEBURG – Nice-Pak, an Orangeburg company that created and produced wet wipes that are effective at killing certain types of viruses, is now testing its product on COVID-19.

Vice President for Research and Development, Jim Dalton, said they have partnered with Microbac, a globally recognized contract testing lab, for the testing on COVID-19.

“It’s a surface disinfecting wipe and what we are hoping is we already have data on a similar coronavirus so we are hopeful that this will be effective,” he said. “Once we get the test results, then we have to go back to the EPA, show them the data, which then goes through a re-registration process so then ultimately we will be able to make a label claim that we are effective against this strain of coronavirus.”

Nice-Pak’s disinfectant products are currently sold under the Nice ‘N Clean® and Grime Boss ® brands, as well as private labels and, are on the EPA’s list for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Nice-Pak is partnering with sister-company, PDI, which announced its products, used in healthcare, food service, and other professional environments, are also being tested against the virus by Microbac.

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