UPDATE… COVID deaths soar in Orange County

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GOSHEN – The number of people to die in Orange County from the coronavirus has hit a new high for one day – seven.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus said that brings to 20 the number of people to die from COVID-19.

A total of 1,560 people have tested positive, he said.

“Are there hotspots? Yes. Are we concerned about Kiryas Joel? Absolutely. Are they the majority of the cases in Orange County? No. They are probably about 20-25 percent of the cases throughout the county. Did we ask the governor for support on that? Yes. We asked for a containment zone; we didn’t get it,” he said.

Neuhaus had asked the governor for a containment zone around the Village of Kiryas Joel and Town of Palm Tree as he approved for New Rochelle.

The county’s hospitals collectively have 20 percent of their ICU beds unoccupied and available now, he said.