Cornerstone Family Healthcare to take over Hudson Valley Community Services

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Andrea Straus, executive director of Hudson Valley Community Services discusses the merger while Cornerstone President Linda Muller listens

NEWBURGH – Cornerstone Family Healthcare and Hudson Valley Community Services announced their intent to merge Wednesday.

Cornerstone provides health care to about 45,000 patients, and Linda Muller, president and CEO of Cornerstone, said the merger should provide better health care for patients

“Mergers are important because in New York State we know there is a great shift on how payments for services are provided,” she said. “By doing this, we’ll able to increase our efficiencies and our access and positive outcomes, and having an access point that makes sense for all of our clients and patients collectively.”

Hudson Valley Community Services serves about 4,000 patients with support services that help with their health care.

“We provide everything from care management, case management, transportation, nutrition services, substance use services and other wrap around services like that,” said Andrea Straus, executive director of Hudson Valley Community Services. “We think the social determinants of care are very important at ensuring clients have good health outcomes. We provide those, and we think we’ll be able support Cornerstone and their wonderful medical care by providing the kind of services that ensure people get good care.”