DCJS to conduct police staffing study for City of Newburgh

(photo: Bob McCormick)

NEWBURGH – The State Division of Criminal Justice Services will be conducting an administrative study of the Newburgh City Police Department.

The study will concentrate on staffing and overtime given that that budget line has been roughly double the $670,000 amount appropriated for that department.

The study, at no cost to the city, was at the request of Chief Douglas Solomon, who could not be reached for comment.

DCJS spokeswoman Janine Kava said the agency typically conducts one or two administrative studies a year.

Newburgh may be attempting to reduce overtime in the police and fire departments, but given layoffs at the beginning of the new year and the number of calls for police service, it is widely expected that overtime could be even higher this year.

The fire department has also typically racked up $1 million to $1.4 million in overtime annually and it was not immediately known if that department would also undergo a staffing study.

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