Locals have ambitious New Year’s resolutions for 2020

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MID-HUDSON – With a new decade upon us, some local residents aspire to better themselves with New Year’s resolutions in 2020.

A few people have shared their perspectives on what they hope to achieve this coming year.

Deshon Jackson is an entrepreneur from Newburgh who is hoping to expand on his fashion and music news website (www.audiblewav.com) and to make it more successful than it was in 2019. “In NFA high school, I was in a fashion department, and from there I always wanted to start my own clothing company,” Jackson said. “I also love music, so I just wanted to bring everything together so that it could be in one website.”

Another individual with an ambitious plan is Sal Rubino, who is from Salisbury Mills and aims to quit smoking in 2020. He has been smoking since he was 15; he is currently 44. Through that, he hopes to keep his body in better shape in the years to come.

As for someone with a more spiritual mission, Dennis “DJ” Lyons, 24, is doing his best to get closer to God and better himself. Lyons said that God tells us all to be more perfect and to be more like him, and he would like to get as close to God as he can through the progression of his life.

With Aidan Ludington, 22, he would like to develop himself intellectually by reading one book each month in 2020. “In my opinion, people don’t read as often anymore,” Ludington said. “Reading opens people up to so much untapped knowledge they never realized they were capable of absorbing.”

Steve Kelly, 17, has a humble goal of losing weight, as well as to stop smoking. Through those actions, Kelly is confident that they will bring him to a happier place in life.

Similar to Kelly, Shanelle Arre simply wants to keep herself in good health and stick to a good diet.