What types of accounts are available on Instagram and which ones should you have?

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[COMMUNICATED CONTENT] There are several types of Instagram accounts, for example those featured by accsmarket, and that’s one of the great advantages of social networking. Ordinary users, businesses, and content creators can take advantage of specific functions that help them perform better and experience the platform.

Instagram’s different account types allow the social network to serve three categories of users: those who just want to have their personal profile for friends and family, businesses through business accounts, and also content creators.

Each of these profiles has specific characteristics and can use resources in different ways.

Knowing how to use the tools in each category is important to make profiles more popular, retain followers and always be featured. Leveraging all the features before you buy Instagram accounts enables you to increase profile performance so that it achieves the results you expect, regardless of account category.

In this post, you will understand a little more about the three types of Instagram profiles, who should use each of them, and what advantages can be enjoyed. Check out!

Personal account

The personal account is practically the gateway for everyone who wants to use the platform. For a long time since the app was created in 2010, it has been the only alternative for users. At first, the proposal was not unlike today: sharing photos on a network of friends, creating a timeline of the records of the people you follow. Over time, the personal account gained more and more features, such as the ability to post videos – function launched in 2013. The idea was to have a more complete platform that was not limited to photo registration. This evolution has continued to add more and more important services to regular accounts, such as Direct Message, an in-app chat tool.

The Instagram Stories Revolution

Of all the changes and news features for personal accounts, maybe Instagram Stories was the main one. Now available in all types of profiles, Stories are very successful among users who want to record the most routine moments of everyday life. The idea was developed so that the records worked as a diary of each profile. In this function, photos and videos are available for only 24 hours. The tool was launched for all personal accounts in 2016, and the idea was to compete with Snapchat – which basically had the same proposal. In a smart market movement, it was possible to bring together many functions in one app, and this made life much easier for the Instagram user. There is also the possibility to create the highlights of the Stories. They act as “albums” that fit each user’s profile with selections of stories he has made himself. In this role, publications do not disappear after 24 hours and, as the name suggests, serve to highlight important moments already recorded.

The personal account user

Today, a personal account user has many cool features to leverage the app and generate lots of content. If the idea is to just post good photos, make interesting daily and travel records in the Stories, and keep in touch with DM, the personal account is a great and complete option.

More recently, IGTV has emerged as another important content tool on the platform. In addition to being able to watch longer videos from multiple HD accounts, you can also generate your own content. However, keep in mind: If you plan to elevate it to a more professional level, there is another more appropriate account option.

Content creator

The newest of Instagram account types, Creator Account, arrived in 2019 for those who want to be more than just a simple user of the platform. Influencers have taken over the social network – both those with millions of followers and those that impact niche audiences.


Metrics & Growth Tools

Metrics are critical for those who use Instagram to leverage their career, work with Influence Marketing advertising, or simply reach a larger audience. The creator profile has a more detailed and functional tool to check these numbers at any time. The proposal is that the understanding be clearer and that, in addition, it is possible to outline strategies for increasing reach. You can check in detail who went next and who unfollowed your account at certain times. In addition, engagement can also be viewed very functionally with chronological day and week filters. Another important highlight on the metrics side is the ability to access Stories and IGTV range results.

Instagram for Business

Of all kinds of Instagram accounts, this is the only 100% business oriented. Since 2016, it has helped companies use social networking more professionally. Realizing that Instagram was a democratic and far-reaching platform, companies of all sizes decided to take advantage of the space.

Regardless of what you intend on the platform, there is one option that fits well and helps you become an influencer, monetize, run your business on social media, or simply have fun. Want to know a lot of useful Instagram accounts to promote your brand? Just click on https://accsmarket.com/en/catalog/instagram.