Maloney wants public to hear first-hand testimony about president’s actions

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) will be playing an integral part in this week’s first public hearings by the House into allegations of misconduct on the part of President Trump.

Until now, testimony has been taken behind closed doors, but starting today (Wednesday), the public will hear for itself, notes Maloney. “The most important thing is that the American public see and hear for itself the overwhelming evidence of presidential misconduct and that they get that evidence with no filter, straight from the witnesses’ mouth in a reliable way, and that is what I expect from this week’s testimony,” he said.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

The House is Democrat-controlled; the Senate is Republican-controlled. Maloney said it is unclear if the upper house will vote to confirm the impeachment, assuming the House votes that act.

“All I can ask is that people keep an open mind, look at the evidence and make a decision,” he said. Maloney said the evidence is “heartbreaking and overwhelming that the president abused his office and it is critical that he be held accountable.”