Mount Vernon library workers reach contract after six years of talks


MOUNT VERNON – CSEA employees of the Mount Vernon Public Library have signed off on a 10-year agreement with the board of trustees ending six years of negotiations.

Workers will receive annual increases of two percent for 2014 through 2019; 2.5 percent for 2020 through 2022 and two percent for 2023.

“After a hard fought six year battle, we’re thrilled that we’ll finally be getting our pay raises,” said Gary Newman, CSEA library unit president. “We’re all hoping for an era of better relations with management as we move forward.”

During the six years of talks, the old contact was extended.

“A lot has been done to improve this great institution but for me, the greatest accomplishment was to satisfy a fair contact that provides wages to our staff and is financially prudent for our taxpayers,” sad Library Board President Oscar Davis, Jr.

Workers are employed by the library, not the city. They library is a separate entity that this year received $4.8 million from taxpayers for its operating budget. To cover the remaining expenses, the library raises revenue, solicits donations, and applies for grants.

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