Newburgh council members agree on need for city buildings survey

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NEWBURGH – The Newburgh City Council, Thursday night, heard from Robert Mitchell, an architectural consultant whose firm will likely conduct a $98,000 study of the conditions of city government buildings.

City Hall and the public safety building are among those in the worst condition and Mayor Torrance Harvey said moving forward with the study is a must.

“We have to have this comprehensive done,” Harvey said. “We have no option, in my opinion, because we’re talking about structures that create concern for public safety and the safety of city employees. Public safety is the number one priority for all of us and public trust and public safety go hand in hand.”

Council members, who are expected to vote on the proposal Monday night, want to know the cost of including the city court building in the study.

If City Hall must be evacuated, Harvey said new facilities should be developed on Broadway.