OPINION: Heatwave and energy cost

In preparation for the dangerous weekend heatwave, municipalities are
opening cooling centers, and extending pool and lake hours. As we
continue to pump fossil fuel pollution into the air, these heat waves
will become longer and more severe decade over decade.

What can we do about it? In New York the landmark Climate Leadership
and Community Protection Act, just signed by the Governor promises to
transform our state into a model of the future. Clean energy, clean
transportation, efficient and cozy homes and businesses. It will make
New York a clean energy innovation hub, and create the future we all
will be proud to have created.

What else can we do? A huge accelerator to New York’s bold action
would be a federal price on pollution, like that proposed in the
bi-partisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR763) which
has 58 co-sponsors in congress as of today. A steadily rising price on
fossil fuel emissions, with all fees returned as a monthly dividend to
households. It both with dramatically reduce fossil fuel use, and spur
clean energy development, as well as ensure that lower and middle
income families come out ahead in this transition. It’s a solution at
the scale of the problem we face.

It’s time for our Hudson Valley Congressmen, Antonio Delgado and Sean
Patrick Maloney to step up to the plate and join the growing list of
co-sponsors on this bill to support New York’s grand ambition for a
clean energy future.

Sean Dague
July 19

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