Tech company moves to former Fuller Shirt Company building

Mayor Noble, front right, developers, announce the Exago project at the former Fuller facility

KINGSTON – Local software development company Exago, Inc. is moving to a new home at 45 Pine Grove Avenue in the City of Kingston.

Mayor Steven Noble made the announcement on Monday

Exago also has a Connecticut office, but their New York offices moved from New Paltz, to Uptown Kingston some time ago and now to the larger space in Midtown.

Fuller Shirt Building

The building, being designed and developed by Scott Dutton Architecture, is the former site of the Fuller Shirt Company, a historic building erected in 1906.

Exago will occupy 8,900 square feet of the building’s approximately 70,000 square feet. The other spaces will be made into 300 to 2,500 square foot suites, with the focus being on the attraction of young professionals and creatives.

According to Dutton, the emphasis for the renovation was to preserve as much of the building’s existing materials as possible, while creating a space that promotes open, communal working behaviors.

Stewart Meyers, chief financial officer and co-founder of Exago, said although they needed the larger space to host their growing operation, much of the appeal was the activity currently happening in Midtown Kingston and being in a community that is walkable, as well as bikeable.

“The idea that we’re in a community and we have things right around here, including the Y and restaurants and things, is great and also people within the building itself,” said Meyers. “It just makes working every day that much nicer, when you have other people in the community and things you can walk to in the area,” he said.

Noble said although this is a purely private endeavor, it is important, in that it ties in with the many infrastructure and beautifying projects currently happening in Midtown.

“This all kind of relates to the overall impact that our work is having in Midtown,” said Noble. “When we get to see private development step in and say, ‘Look, let’s try to renovate this building and let’s create something unique and special and to be able to help create new jobs here,’ it’s a win-win for everybody.”

The Pine Grove Avenue project is anticipated to be finished by the end of 2019 and Exago said their lease will begin in January 2020.

Other tenants in the building will include:

  • Eleven Six, knitwear start-up
  • Kingston Writer’s Studio
  • Andrew Moore, photographer
  • Rebecca Miller French, cookbook author, recipe developer, writer, and events planner
  • Found My Animal, pet accessories designer
  • Lake and Skye, fragrance and beauty products designer
  • River Mint Finery, jewelry and product designer
  • William van Roden, graphic designer
  • The Rural Modernist, print and pattern designer and ceramicist
  • Pilates of Kingston
  • Francis P. Flynn, CPA

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