Orange County Health Department marks 50th year of service

Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman

GOSHEN – The Orange County Health Department has been serving county residents for half a century. During that time it has carried out a wide range of public health functions including health education, communicable disease monitoring and response, nursing care for the homebound, immunization clinics, food service and other health-related inspections, and other functions.

The work of the department also includes regulation of public and community water supplies; subdivision plan reviews; regulation of facilities such as children’s and migrant labor camps; community swimming facilities; and has provided hands-on community outreach to at-risk populations.

“The health department has had a profound impact on the community’s quality of life and that continues under the leadership of Commissioner Dr. Irina Gelman and her team, said County Executive Steven Neuhaus.

The department currently has 127 employees in the divisions of Public Health Nursing, Environmental Health, Community Health Outreach, Intervention Services and the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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